Life hacks (Productivity): Carry a notebook and pen around (all. the. time.)
Rafael Gurkovsky
(Bet you didn't know it could do that Book Overview)

Do you get ideas in your head that constantly nag and distract you throughout the day? Ideas like these might be excellent, but they can push you to procrastinate, bumping out all the concentration you have for the job. Get rid of all these nagging by writing all those thoughts and "light bulbs" in a notebook you always keep handy. After writing them down, your subconscious should feel content so that you can focus on the work again. At the end of the day, you can visit the notebook again and get to work on your bright ideas.


Life Hacks: Bet You didn't Know It could Do That: Life Hacks that'll Blow Your Mind
by Rafael Gurkovsky, Claire Stranberg

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