Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.

Life is tough- but then again, compared to what?
Ernie Zelisnki, 101 Really Important Things

Unfortunately, when you arrived on this planet, no one gave you an instruction book on how to deal with life. In your early teens you were expecting life to be one big party once you got your act together as an adult. What a surprise! A few years after reaching adulthood and having to deal with the real world, you came to the realization that life is difficult. In this regard American philosopher George Santayana surmised,

Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.

Regardless of your age, if you expect living to be easier down the road, forget it. What may come as a surprise is that life is difficult for everyone. Your life won't be free of difficulty no matter how talented and how rich you become. Truth be told, everyone experiences stress and pain to a certain degree.

Illness, natural disasters, accidents, death and negative events are inevitable. None of us immune. The successful of this world take for granted that the world is hard place. Carl Jung, the well know Swiss psychiatrist, felt that unpleasant experiences help us find personal and spiritual wholeness.

Man needs difficulties. They are necessary for health

As a matter of course, the world throws cures at all of us throughout our lives. In the event you ever find that everything is coming your way, you will probably be on a one-way street going the wrong way. You may go through a stretch in your existence when so many things are going right that you start believing that nothing of consequences could go wrong. As is to be expected, when you get on a roll, you will start thinking that you finally understand how life works.

Alas, just when you are convinced that you are under divine guidance, something will happen to burst your bubble. Disaster will strike when you least expect it. Most of the time, however, things appear a lot worse than they are. Nothing very good lasts a long time neither does anything very bad. How many times have disasters become blessings in disguise?

Everything changes sooner or later. The good becomes bad and the bad becomes good. Profits turn into losses and losses turn into profits. Approval may turn into disapproval and disapproval may turn into approval. Mistakes and setbacks add up to success. Then success leads to failure. This is life. It is never too late to start again.


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