"Just living in this world is a psychotic pursuit."



Life's a breeze when you work as hard at simplifying it as you do at complicating it- Part 1
Ernie Zelinski, 101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting

Yes, life is tough.

But life can be a lot easier when we keep things simple. Surprisingly, you would think that human beings would work at simplifying their lives, but the opposite is true. Given a choice between a simple way and a complicated way of doing things, most people will choose the complicated. Preposterous as it may seem, some of us will even spend time inventing a complex way when none is immediately available.

No question, we do not need to make our lives more difficult. Given the opportunity, plenty of other individuals in this world will gladly do this for us. Life's unexpected events will also put our creativity to the ultimate test without our having to create our own special difficulties.

The words you are least likely to hear from anyone in American society today are "My life is way too simple." Fact is, most individuals make their lives way too complicated is a mystery to philosophers and psychiatrists alike. I am just as amazed at how far out of their personal and business lives. They waste a lot of money, time and energy on pursuing things that bring them nothing in return. They may also hang around people who will do them absolutely no good.

All of us, to some extent or another, practice the philosophy of my good friend Todd Lorentz, who stated, "Just living in this world is a psychotic pursuit." At some point in our lives we all have the tendency to make our lives unbelievably complex and depressing. We manage to do this with our material possessions, work-related activities, relationships, family affairs, thoughts, and emotions. As is to be expected, we are unable to achieve as much as we would like because we invite too many physical and mental distractions into our lives.

Yet, life's a breeze when we work as hard at simplifying it as we do at complicating it. If you are the type of person who can't leave home without four- fifths of your personal possessions, it's time to lighten up a little on your journey through life. Without delay, get rid of the burdens that have become a drain on your time, space, money and energy. Do something today to make your life less complicated.



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