Our Daily Journey with God
April 23, 2020
now go

Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say. [Exodus 4:10-17]

More than 10,000 evangelists and Christian leaders sat in a giant auditorium in Amsterdam in 1986 listening to world renowned evangelist Billy Graham. I st among them, listening as he narrated some of his experiences. Then to my surprise, he said, "Let me tell you: every time I stand before the congregation of God's people to preach, I tremble and my knees wobble!"

What! I wondered. How can such a great preacher who has enthralled millions with his powerful sermons exhibit trembling and wobbling knees? Then he fright, but intense humility and meekness as he felt inadequate for the daunting task to which God had called him. He relied on God for strength, not on his own eloquence.

Moses felt inadequate when God sent him to deliver the enslaved Israelites from their 400-year captivity in Egypt. Moses pleaded with the Lord to send someone else, with the excuse that he had never been a good speaker. [Ex 4:10,13].

We may have similar fears when God calls us to do something for Him. But His encouragement to Moses can also spur us on: "Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say" [v.12].

As Billy Graham said that day, "When God calls you, do not be afraid of trembling and wobbling knees, for He will be with you."

What task does God have for you to do today? Depend on HIm by asking for His help.

Wherever God sends us, He comes alongside us.