Our Daily Journey with God

Who not why?

Whatever He wants to do, He does. So He will do to me whatever He has planned.
He controls my destiny. [Job 23:1-14]

Not too long ago, I visited a friend whose wife had just died of cancer. The two had been strong believers of Jesus, actively serving the church. Then cancer struck. For 6 months, the church prayed earnestly for healing. But God didn't seem to care. The man felt that God abandoned them at the time that He needed Him most. He felt that God purposely increase their pain to make suffering worse.

As I talked to the grieving husband, the one question he kept asking me was, "Why?" Why did God allow his wife to die? Why would God allow him to suffer so much pain?

Job asked the same question, "Why?" He suffered financial ruin. [Job 1:14-17]. His 10 children were killed in natural disaster [1:18-19]. He experienced a painful skin disease [2:7]. Three key things in man's life are his family, his health, and His wealth. Job lost them all.

In his lost, Job sought answers from God [ch. 38-41]. Instead of answering Job's question God asked Job more than 70 questions! When God asked us questions, it's not because He lacks information. It for our understanding God asked Job in essence. Can you explain how I created this world [ch 38], how I care for this world, [ch 39], and how i control this world [ch 40-41]? God could have explained Himself, but He chooses to reveal Himself.

When we're in pain we offer cry out, "Why?" But we need to ask, "Who?" The answer to our suffering is a deeper understanding of who God really is. He is Creator [Job 38:4], Sustainer [v.41], Sovereign God [vv.13-14], and loving heavenly Father who cares deeply for us [Matthew 6:26]

KT Sim

What trials or suffering are you going through today? How has God revealed Himself to you?


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