Our Daily Journey with God
February 15, 2020
the seed of greed

they are well trained in greed. they lived under God's curse [Matthew 19:16-30]

Greed still rules. At many large companies over the past decade, the urge to increase profits and to inflate stock prices seems to have overwhelmed individual integrity.

I am not in a position to judge these individuals or cases. I can balance my checkbook and do my own taxes, but those are like guppies compared to the complex whale of accounting law.

The way the stock market responded and the way legal officials sprang into action, the consensus is: "Financial advisors, we have a problem."

It is tempting to say, "I'd never do something like that. Greed for money or success would never overwhelm my faith." But we should be careful about such talk. Better to be humble now than to be humbled when our actions don't match our words.

One reason the stock market went down was that wary investors feared that every company was "cooking the books," producing positive results through "creative" accounting. It will take a lot of reform to restore that confidence.

The same thing happens when Christians try to "cook their books" and present a more positive front than the reality of their faith. The result? Non-Christians apply that kind of hypocrisy to every Christian they know. Granted, most sincere Christian. In the same way, it takes actions- not words- to restore confidence. Anyone can say, "I'm sorry, and I'll do better," But when we actually do better, people realize that we're serious.

So how is your spiritual bottom line? Don't be afraid to start that process. God's grace will make up for any spiritual shortfall you are expecting.

How has greed affected your faith? What do your friends and acquaintances see when they look into your life?