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Learning to lean

He did this so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us, who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit. ~ Romans 8:1-17

Those who accepts My commandments and obey them are the ones who love Me. ~ John 14:21.

My buddy rides a Honda motorcycle. It's red, it looks hot, it goes real fast, and he rides it like a pro. My friend will take anyone for a ride on his Honda. Sounds fun? It's not- unless you don't lean.

Even if you've never ridden, you'd probably seen motorcycle riders lean in the direction they're turning. If they don't, the motorcycle (and the rider) will topple over.

To the passenger, it's a matter of faith. If he leans in the same direction the driver is leaning, the ride is smooth. But when the passenger panics, because it feels more natural to sit straight, that cause problems.

I told my buddy he was illustrating an important spiritual principle: If we lean away from sin and toward God, we enjoy a Christ centered ride and can move in whichever direction God is leading us. Sometimes it feels unnatural to lean. All of our instincts, as well as some of the people around us, can cause us to lean away from God. Our own wisdom gets us in trouble. We suffer either a minor fender bender or a major wreck.

Learning to trust God is like learning with a motorcycle: The first few times may seem unnatural, even scary. But as you get used to it, it becomes easier. Eventually, not trusting God's way seem crazy- as crazy as learning the wrong way on a motorcycle.

Compare you Christian experience to a motorcycle ride. Have you come close to tipping over or crashing? Maybe you have been working against God instead of with Him.

An obedient Christian committed to following God's will is like a motorcycle taking turns gracefully. But a Christina who does things his own way is like a motorcycle that is about to crash. What kind of ride are you looking for? - JOHN CARVALHO

How can you lean more in the direction God wants you to go? Why is being obedient to Him so important?


Our Daily Journey with God

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