Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered- either by themselves or by others.

You are already a millionaire- your creativity makes it so
Ernie Zelinsky, The 101 Really Important Things

In my view, Mark Twain expressed a great deal of wisdom with these words:

The fact that so many people haven't discovered they are geniuses is a major reason why they toil away at jobs they hate. As is to be expected, most corporations aren't about to help their employees realize they are geniuses for fear of losing them.

By geniuses, I refer to individuals with the potential to make a difference in this world if they ever get around to developing and using their creativity. Unfortunately, most people have allowed organizations, educational institutions, and society to suppress their creativity for so long that they don't realize how creative they can be. Truth be told, most people can be more creative and, in turn, more successful.

In this regard, there are two principles for creative success- one general and one specific. The general principle is that virtually everyone had the ability to be more creative and accomplish extraordinary things in this world. The specific principle is that almost everyone has volunteered to be exempt from the general principle. Put another way, few people spend time, effort, thought cultivating their creative ability, which is an essential element for achieving real success in life.

The majority of adults don't get halfway to reaching their full creative potential due to their self imposed limitations. Sadly, many people have suppressed both their desire and their ability to be creative for so long that they think are naturally uncreative. You maybe one of them.

How many times have you said to yourself or others. "If only had the creative ability to pull that off?" All told, each one of us has greater inventiveness than we exhibit in ordinary life, but most of us are unaware of it, or refrain from using it. Again, there is no heavier burden than great potential that we are squandering. To deny our creativity is to lie to the world and, worse, to lie to ourselves.

Creative thinking, if diligently practiced, allows each and every one of us to accomplish feats that appear to be unattainable miracles to those who don't practice it. Creativity combined with action is simple. easy and surefire way to achieve health, wealth and happiness in our lives; it is also an invaluable tool to help us experience harmony in this fast- moving and constantly changing world in which we live in.

If you are serious about attaining true success in this rapidly changing world, start with the premise that from both a financial and a personal point of view, your most valuable asset is not your job, your house, or your bank account. Plain and simple, it's your creative ability. Your creative mind has great value because it can solve problems.

All employers have problems that the pay employees to solve. In the same vein, individuals have various problems, such as needing something to entertain them, that they pay others to solve. The value you place on your creative mind should be at least one million dollars because you can use it to generate many times this amount over your lifetime. This makes creativity the poor person's wealth. Indeed, when you list the monetary value of your personal assets, the grand total should make you a millionaire simply by including the value of your creative ability.

You too, can joyfully earn a decent living if you develop your creative side and in doing so provide an imaginative product or service that people want. In fact, it's harder to suppress your creativity than to use it. Everyone has the deep-seated desire to produce something innovative. In everyone there is a creative person wanting to break out and make a difference in this world.

All things considered, your creativity is your biggest asset. Put another way, you are already a millionaire- your creativity makes it so! You must recognize the latent genius within and stay in the habit of being innovative if you want to attain true success in your life. To maximize the use of your creative mind is to maximize the career and financial aspects of your life.


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