Happiness Doesn't Care How You Get There- Part 2

Ernie Zelinski,101 Really Important Things You Already Know but keep forgetting

Yet following the majority as they look for happiness in all the wrong places is insane. Understand that happiness doesn't care how you get there. It doesn't care how hard you work. Nor does it care whether you wear designer clothes or how fancy your car is or how many possessions you have. Moreover, happiness doesn't care how beautiful, talented, or intelligent you are.

Perhaps by now you are thinking that these are just crazy assumptions. On the contrary, there is much scholarly evidence to support these statements. Research by psychologists indicates that the things that most people assume would make life better- money, fame, status, beauty, or social prominence- over the long run don't seem to matter all that much, if at all.

For example, one research paper reported that physical attractiveness, has at most a very marginal effect on how content people are in life. Another study concluded individuals may be pleased for a month or two after a big lottery win, but there is no relationship between the money and ultimate happiness a year later. Still other research has shown that social standing, age, intelligence, and education have no effect on true happiness.

How happy you are depends on whether you are willing to be happy. Happiness will elude you as long as you are thinking and doing what's wrong for you. And it will come easily when you are thinking and doing what's right for you. Above all, ensure that you don't get conned into believing happiness is what someone else deems it to be.

You can rest assured that you will never attain true happiness if you wait for destiny or others to show you the way. Whether you are black or white, male or female, illiterate or highly educated, single or married, tall or short, or rich or poor, happiness leaves you in charge of whether you get there.

the Dalai Lama told us, "Happiness is not something ready-made that Buddha can give you. It comes from your own actions."

Take his advise and run with it. It will be extremely valuable to you on your journey through life.


101 Really Important Things You Already Know but keep forgetting

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