Life's a breeze when you work as hard at simplifying it as you do at complicating it- Part 2
101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting: How to Make Your Life More Enjoyable Day-by-Day, Year-by-Year by Ernie Zelinski

Yet, life's a breeze when we work as hard at simplifying it as we do at complicating it. If you are the type of person who can't leave home without four- fifths of your personal possessions, it's time to lighten up a little on your journey through life. Without delay, get rid of the burdens that have become a drain on your time, space, money and energy. Do something today to make your life less complicated.


To enjoy life to the fullest, you must periodically identify the things that complicate your existence.

This applies to both the personal and career aspects of your life. Make a list of the things that no longer serve a worthwhile purpose in your world. Ask your friends to add to this with suggestions as to how you can simplify things. Your friends may see much opportunity where you may see none.

Sure, you didn't invent the complexity. You do your absolute best to perfect it at times, however, don't you? Keep in mind that making the simple complex doesn't take ingenuity. Making the complex simple- now, that's ingenuity!

Apply common sense and you won't have much difficulty in simplifying your existence. This is about getting the excess baggage out of your life.

"No man can swim ashore," observed the Roman philosopher and dramatist Seneca, "and take his baggage with him." To be sure, life is much easier if you don't carry excess baggage.

Whatever your destination, you can't afford to carry excess baggage for too long. On trains and airlines, it will cost you extra money. On the trip called life, it will cost you much more than money. At best, you won't succeed in achieving your goals as quickly as you otherwise would. At worst, you will never succeed in attaining your goals. Not only will this deprive you of satisfaction and happiness, but it could cost you your sanity in the end.


101 Really Important Things You Already Know but keep forgetting

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